Research and Scientific Projects

SENSORlab has signed research contracts on gas sensors with small and medium enterprises and participates to several research projects founded by the italian institutions and the EU.

Other projects:
  • WOUNDMONITOR ‘Mobile System For Non-Invasive Wound State Monitoring’. STREP Project, FP6. FP602/2006 – 1/2009
  • NANOS4 Co.n. 001528 “Nano-Structured Solid-State Gas Sensor With Superior Performance”. STREP Project, FP6. 01/2004-12/2006.
  • ESPRIT No. IST-2001-33148 ADVANTAGAS “Advanced Gas Sensing Technology For Portable Applications Of Low Power Gassensors”. 7/01/02-6/01/05.
  • COPERNICUS 2 ‘Environmental Control By Means Of A New Gas Detection Principle: Gas Sensing By Metal Oxides Hetero-Junctions (GASMOH)’. 1/12/00-30/11/03.
  • INCO-COPERNICUS `Environmental Control With The Aid Of Sensor Technologies For GAS Sensing (EASTGAS)’. 02/97-01/00.
  • ESPRIT No.21428 `Smart Air Pollution Monitorino Networks ( SMOG)’. 28/6/96-27/12/99.
  • Brite Euram No. 7303 `Functional Nano -Scaled Materials For Long Term Stable Gas Sensors (NANOGAS). 1/9/94-31/12/97.
  • ESPRIT No. 7500 ‘Carbon Monoxide Smart Sensor For Domestic And Industrial Application’ (COSSENSOR). 1/4/95-1/4/96.
  • ESPRIT No. 6374 ‘Methods, Materials And Microtechnologies For Selective Gas Sensors’ (MMMGAS) 1/6/92 -1/6/95.