Research and Scientific Projects

SENSORlab has signed research contracts on gas sensors with small and medium enterprises and participates to several research projects founded by the EU.

Other projects:
  • WOUNDMONITOR ‘Mobile System For Non-Invasive Wound State Monitoring’. STREP Project, FP6. FP602/2006 – 1/2009
  • NANOS4 Co.n. 001528 “Nano-Structured Solid-State Gas Sensor With Superior Performance”. STREP Project, FP6. 01/2004-12/2006.
  • ESPRIT No. IST-2001-33148 ADVANTAGAS “Advanced Gas Sensing Technology For Portable Applications Of Low Power Gassensors”. 7/01/02-6/01/05.
  • COPERNICUS 2 ‘Environmental Control By Means Of A New Gas Detection Principle: Gas Sensing By Metal Oxides Hetero-Junctions (GASMOH)’. 1/12/00-30/11/03.
  • INCO-COPERNICUS `Environmental Control With The Aid Of Sensor Technologies For GAS Sensing (EASTGAS)’. 02/97-01/00.
  • ESPRIT No.21428 `Smart Air Pollution Monitorino Networks ( SMOG)’. 28/6/96-27/12/99.
  • Brite Euram No. 7303 `Functional Nano -Scaled Materials For Long Term Stable Gas Sensors (NANOGAS). 1/9/94-31/12/97.
  • ESPRIT No. 7500 ‘Carbon Monoxide Smart Sensor For Domestic And Industrial Application’ (COSSENSOR). 1/4/95-1/4/96.
  • ESPRIT No. 6374 ‘Methods, Materials And Microtechnologies For Selective Gas Sensors’ (MMMGAS) 1/6/92 -1/6/95.