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At international level the mission of SENSOR: Nanotechnologies for Sensing and Advanced Applications is to design and develop materials and processes to realize devices and systems for functional applications.
In the field of bio-chemical sensing, the core of SENSOR activity, priority sectors of commitment are: Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Nanomedicine, Food and Security.
In the field of Energy SENSOR pursues the cutting edge scientific and technological challenges of research and industrial transfer on nanowire based third-generation solar cells.
Beside quasi 1-dimensional oxide nanostructures, which represent the most advanced field of investigation of nanostructured materials at SENSOR, are applied as fundamental building blocks of a forefront research in nanowire optoelectronics: new ZnO based LEDs, single-nanowire based sensors, highly efficient and long time stable electron field emitters and ionized gas sources

Latest News

  • PhD Candidates are welcome!
    As Director of the SensorLab I want to inform you concerning the PhD applications. 

    The call for admissions to PhD programs at University of Brescia is now open, the deadline is 4 August at 14CET
    The PhD course that we are part of is: INFORMATION ENGINEERING - Curriculum in Physical Sciences for Engineering
    This is the link where you can find all the information. 
    Please remember that for the admission you need to pay 50€ to the administration.

    If you have any doubts feel free to contact me. 

    Concerning our research activity you can have  look at our web page and at the list of publications at the following web sites:

    We are fully equipped with instrumentations for materials preparation, fundamental and functional characterisation such as:
    - sputtering, evaporations systems, furnaces for NWs growth, electrochemical anodisation, hydrothermal technique,...
    - SEM, AFM, XRD, Raman, SNOM, contact angle, UV VIS spectrometer….
    - gas test systems….

    Best Regard

    Prof. Elisabetta Comini
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  • Vebleo webinar-2020

    We would like to inform that a video lecture given by Prof. Elisabetta Comini, the Director of Sensor Laboratory, has been publish on Vebleo YouTube channel:

    Please come to see it!

    Inviato in data 31 dic 2020, 01:03 da Dario Zappa
  • Langmuir Invited Feature Article
    We are glad to announce that our article "One-Dimensional Nanostructured Oxide Chemoresistive Sensors" by Navpreet Kaur, Mandeep Singh and Elisabetta Comini has been published on ACS Langmuir as Invited Feature Article! Congratulations to the authors!
    Inviato in data 14 set 2020, 02:17 da Dario Zappa
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