Congresses 2020

  1. Giorgio Duina, Vardan Galstyan, Navpreet Kaur, Abderrahim Moumen, Nicola Poli, Mandeep Singh, Dario Zappa, "Metal oxides nano- and hetero-structures for chemical sensors", International Research Conference 2020, 17 June 2020, Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC), web conference.
  2. L. Bigiani, D. Zappa, D. Barreca, A. Gasparotto, C. Sada, G. Tabacchi, E. Fois, E. Comini, C. Maccato “Noble metal/Mn3O4 nanocomposite systems: from design to applications as ultra-sensitive gas sensors for nitrogen mustard simulant” ECS Meeting Abstracts, Volume MA2020-01, D04: Plasma Electrochemistry and Catalysis, 2020, 2182 (Online ISSN: 2151-2043). Electrochemical Society – IOP Publishing
  3. L. Bigiani, D. Zappa, E. Comini, C. Maccato, A. Gasparotto, D. Barreca, F. Gri “Plasma-assisted synthesis of MnO2-based nanoarchitectures as gas sensors for safety and food quality monitoring” ECS Meeting Abstracts, Volume MA2020-01, IMCS 03: Electrochemical and Metal Oxide Sensors, 2020, 2137 (Online ISSN: 2151-2043). Electrochemical Society – IOP Publishing
  4. Vardan Galstyan, Giorgio Duina, Navpreet Kaur, Abderrahim Moumen, Mandeep Singh, Dario Zappa, Elisabetta Comini, "Metal Oxides Nanostructures for Chemical Sensing", ICSEHV 2020 International Conference on Advances in Sensors, Energy and Hybrid Vehicles, Web Conference, 14-16 October 2020
  5. Elisabetta Comini, "Metal oxide nanostructures for chemical sensing", Webinar on Nanomedicine, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, 17-20 Novembre 2020