Congresses 2018
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  2. Navpreet Kaur, Dario Zappa, Elisabetta Comini “Branch like p-n NiO/WO3 heterostructures with enhanced gas sensing properties”, MRS 2018, 25-30 November 2018, Boston, USA: Oral Presentation 
  3. Navpreet Kaur, Dario Zappa, Elisabetta Comini, “Fabrication and Characterization of p-NiO/ZnO-n nanowire heterostructures for gas sensing” IMCS 2018, July 15-19, 2018, University of Vienna, Austria
  4. Orhan Sisman, Nicola Poli, Dario Zappa and Elisabetta Comini, « Wet oxidation of TiO2 nanoflakes and their gas sensing properties », IMCS 2018, Vienna, Austria, 15-19 July 2018.
  5. V. Galstyan, N. Kaur, A.Moumen, H.M. Munashinge, O. Sisman, G. Sberveglieri, D. Zappa, E. Comini, « Metal oxide nanostructures: growth and application to chemical sensing », TCM 2018, Crete, Greece, 14-19 October 2018
  6. Navpreet Kaur, Dario Zappa, Vardan Galstyan, Hashitha Munasinghe, Orhan Sisman and Elisabetta Comini « Metal oxide nanostructure chemical sensors: Fabrication, characterizations and integration into sensing devices » Emerging Sensing Technologies Summit, Melbourne, Australia, 24-26 September 2018.
  7. M. Rizzoni, D. Zappa, H.M.M. Arachchige, Piantoni S, Rossini C, A. Tincani, S. Giliani, D. Moratto, E. Comini,”Synthesis and characterization of nanowires hybrid: potential application in a biomedical setting”, MRS Fall Meeting 2018, Warsaw, Poland, 17th - 20th September 2018
  8. Bontempi, E., Zanoletti, A., Bilo, F., Tushev, K., Valente, G., Zappa, D., Treccani, L., Depero, L.E. "New sustainable hybrid porous materials for air particulate matter trapping", 10th International Conference on Processing and Manufacturing of Advanced Materials, 2018; Paris; France; 9 July 2018 through 13 July 2018