Project no. 9085043

Acronym: NANEOS

Project title: Multi-Sensor System for Rapid Detection of Hazardous Agents

Funding scheme: Science for Peace and Security

Start date of project: February 18th, 2016

Duration: 3 years

Project coordinator: Dr. Camilla Baratto

Project coordinator organization name: CNR-INO

Partners: South Ukrainian National University (Prof. V. Golovanov) Ukraine, Tampere University of Technology (Prof. N. Tkachenko) Finland.

Abstract: The project aims at developing of the next generation portable multi-sensor systems for continuous monitoring of environmental odors, quantitative detection of harmful emissions and contaminations. The highly ordered arrays of functionalized metal oxide nanowires will be prepared using bottom-up approach combined with innovative lift-off technique. Crucial technical and industrial challenges will be addressed during the project. The highly stable nanotechnology-based sensors will be integrated into an existing hardware multi-sensor platform featured by low power consumption. The project aims to validate the cost-effective handled-sensor system with long operation time for fast identification the cause of hazardous chemical agents and odor nuisance.