MSP - Multi Sensor Platform

“Multi-Sensor-Platform for Smart Building Management”

Grant agreement no: 611887

The concept of the MSP project is based on a multi-project wafer approach that enables the development of highly innovative components and sensors based on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). The central objective of the MSP-project is the development of a technology and manufacturing platform for the 3D-integration of sophisticated components and sensors with CMOS technology being the sound foundation for cost efficient mass fabrication.
The MSP project is focused on the development of essential components and sensors that are required for the realization of miniaturized smart systems capable for indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring:
+ Gas sensors for detection of potentially harmful or toxic gases
+ Sensors for particulate matter and ultrafine particles
+ Development of metamaterial based IR sensors for presence and fire detection
+ Development of optimized IR detectors based on SOI thermopiles
+ Development of highly efficient photovoltaics and piezoelectrics for energy harvesting
+ Development of light sensor and UV-A/B sensors.
The rigorous employment of Through-Silicon-Via technology enables a highly flexible “plug-and play” 3D-integration of these components and sensors to miniaturized smart systems with significantly advanced functionalities. The goal of the MSP project is the development of a smart multi-sensor platform for distributed sensor networks in Smart Building Management, which are able to communicate with smart phones.
The MSP project covers the heterogeneous integration of KETs and contributes to reinforce European industrial leadership through miniaturization, performance increase and manufacturability of innovative smart systems. The MSP project is focused on emerging innovative technologies and processes for customer needs with a special emphasis on SMEs to enable their take up of KETs for competitive, highly performing product development.