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Oligomethine cyanine dyes/multioxide photoanodes/ionic liquid-biopolymer composites as novel efficient DSSCs candidates

Università degli Studi di Brescia - DII 
Suez University

funded by Ministero Affari Esteri e Collaborazione Internazionale - Progetto Grande Rilevanza

Main aim of CYAMOXSOLAR is the fabrication of innovative DSSCs for enhancing both capability of solar energy conversion and device stability over the time, while keeping overall fabrication processes as cheap and environmental friendly as possible.
CYAMOXSOLAR focuses on the engineering of three critical components of DSSCs, namely the photoanodes (engineering of semiconducting metal oxides (SMOs) architectures for electron transport), the light harvesters (molecular engineering of cyanine dyes, to extend the exploitable solar spectrum range) and the electrolytes (to provide devices with robustness and durability over the time). This careful materials design and coupling is expected to result in fabrication of device with enhanced functional performances and working life. Italian and Egyptian partners posses complementary expertise in chemistry and physics, which will allow a holistic approach, seldom adopted in a single project, toward the scientific and technological problem of solar energy conversion through innovative PV devices. In particular, UNIBS will be in charge for the fabrication of nanostructured metal oxides architectures, based on three wide band gap SMOs (TiO2, ZnO and SnO2), which, properly combined, will enable strategic features for solid and robust devices, such as: i) high injection speed from the excited light harvester to the electron transporter material, ii) proper band alignment for NIR absorbing dyes, iii) enhanced stability over the time. Moreover, UNIBS will in charge for device assembly, functional characterization, and durability evaluation.
UNISUEZ, on the other hand, will be in charge for light harvesters and electrolytes synthesis and corresponding chemical/physical characterisation


Phd Maurizio Donarelli has been awarded by Società Italiana Scienze Microscopiche for his scientific contribution to the International Congress MCM 2017 (24-29 Settembre 2017 – Rovijni CROATIA).

Reference: Prof. Matteo Ferroni