Fabrication of innovative metal-oxidenanowire-based dye sensitized and hybrid solar cells

Fondazione CARIPLO


Bando 2008 “Ricerca scientifica e tecnologica sui materiali avanzati ”

The main objective of the Project is the purpose-driven synthesis of novel materials, mainly semiconductor metal oxide nanowires and dye molecules, in order to enhance their functional behaviour by selective modulation of electronic and structural features, which promises a profound impact on the applications related to energy technology.

It involves the controlled modification of their electrical and optical characteristics to radically upgrade their electrical charge collection and photon capture properties. These foreseen enhanced performances open exciting options for their relevant application with technology benefits going beyond of the impact of the current materials technologies. Tuning both electrical and optical performances are essential for the use of these advanced nanostructures in order to increase efficiency and lowering the cost in solar energy.