Prof. Guido Faglia

Right to left: Enrico Fermi, Franco Rasetti, Edoardo Amaldi, Emilio Segre', Oscar D'Agostino and Guido Faglia.

Guido Faglia was born in 1965 and got in 1991 M.S. degree from the Polytechnic of Milan in electronics. In 1993 he was appointed Assistant Professor at the Gas Sensor Lab by the University of Brescia. In 1996 got the PhD on semiconductor gas sensors. Since 2000 he is Associate Professor in Experimental Physics at University of Brescia.
He is involved in the study of preparation of metal oxide semiconductors MOX as thin films and quasi monodimensional nanostructures, the interactions between gases and MOX surfaces and their functional characterization. He has been involved in European Commission Projects since 1992 (Project ESPRIT No. 6374 ‘Methods, Materials and Microtechnologies for selective gas sensors’ MMMGAS 1/6/92 -1/6/95) in basic and applied physics research on semiconductors and their application in an interdisciplinary field as biochemical sensing. He has a relevant working experience with many international institutions like EC, NATO, European Space Agency ESA, the International Association for the Promotion of Co-operation with Scientists from the New Independent States (NIS) of the Former Soviet Union INTAS. During his career Guido Faglia has published 137 articles on International Journals with referee ( ). His Hirsch factor is 30 (Feb 2011).