Prof. Elisabetta Comini

Elisabetta Comini earned her Laurea degree in Physics from University of Pisa working on crystals and spectroscopy in 1996; she then pursued her Ph.D. in Material science at the University of Brescia in 2000 on metal oxide thin films for chemical sensing.

EC is a researcher specialist in the growth of metal oxides, particularly nanowires, thin films and the measurement of their electronic, functional and structural properties. She is responsible of SENSOR Laboratory.

She has been organizer of several symposia in the materials and sensing field for Materials Research society and European Materials Research society. She serves as a reviewer for various international journals and she is part of the technical program committee of several conferences in chemical sensing. She is supervising several undergraduate as well as graduate students at the University of Brescia.

She has received the following awards: Outstanding Oral Presentation At Eurosensors XIX Conference (Barcelona, 2005), outstanding oral presentation at EUROSENSORS XX conference (Goteborg, 2006), winner of the first place “Science as art” 2010 MRS Spring Meeting, Eurosensors Fellow Award in 2012.

EC has over 338 technical publications in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and review papers; she is also editor of various books and holds four patents issued. She is actively involved as organizer of symposia and conferences. During her career she has attended more than 90 conference and schools, she has more than 350 oral communications at conferences and she was invited and presenting herself 20 invited communications and 3 plenary talk. EC was chair of the Materials Research society fall meeting, Boston 2013.

EC Hirsch-index (H-index) is 51, with more that 9911 citations (the three most cited articles have been cited 1042, 410, and 341 times, source SCOPUS).


• Laurea in Fisica sperimentale – Luglio 1996, Università di Pisa, Italia

• Dottorato in Materiali per l’ingegneria presso il Dipartimento di Chimica e Fisica per l’ingegneria e per i materiali dell’Università di Brescia Marzo 2000

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Results: 211

Times Cited: 7679

Times Cited without self-citations: 7141

h-index: 45

ResearcherID: C-6721-2008

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Results: 314

Times Cited: 7752

Times Cited without self-citations: 7090

h-index: 45

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Times Cited: 11143

h-index: 56

Partecipazione a comitati editoriali di riviste


Membro dell’Editorial Board della rivista internazionale “Sensor Letters” dal 30 Aprile 2003.

Membro dell’INTERNATIONAL EDITORIAL BOARD della rivista internazionale “Science of Advanced Materials” dal 25 Luglio 2008. (

Guest editor Special Issue di “Sensor Letters” Volume 6, Number 4, August 2008. EMRS, Spring meeting.

Attribuzione di incarichi di ricerca esteri


Incarico di “Adjunct Assistant Professor” presso il dipartimento Material Science and Engineering dell’università di Stony Brook, New York per il periodo 1 Ottobre-18 Ottobre 2004.

Incarico di “Visiting Professor” presso School of material science and engineering, NTU Singapore per il periodo 22- 27 November 2009

Premi ricevuti


1. “outstanding oral presentation” EUROSENSORS XIX 2005 Barcellona.

2. “outstanding oral presentation” EUROSENSORS XX 2006 Goteborg.

3. Vincitrice del primo posto “Science as art” 2010 MRS Spring Meeting

4. Elisabetta Comini è stata nominata EUROSENSORS 2012 fellow nel settembre 2012. Eurosensors è la conferenza di riferimento per la comunità dei sensori.

Elisabetta Comini è responsabile della linea di ricerca “COMMON TECHNOLOGICAL PLATFORM FOR PREPARATION OF NANOSTRUCTURED AND MONODIMENSIONAL OXIDES” presso il laboratorio SENSOR, CNR-INO e Università di Brescia (

EC è stata chair del Materials research society (MRS) fall meeting (Boston 2013) ed  organizzatrice di svariati simposi per MRS ed E-MRS.