Orhan Sisman
He was born in 1989 in Kocaeli, Turkey. He obtained the degree of Master of Science without thesis from 5 years integrated program in Physics Education at Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2013. In METU, he accomplished Test and Measurement package in Physics Department with restricted selective courses. 
In September 2013, he joined the group of Prof. Z.Ziya Ozturk at the Department of Physics of the Gebze Technical University. He started to study on synthesis of AAO nanopores template for ZnO nanorods fabrication for master study. Then, his research interests shifted to fabrication, characterization, electrical and gas sensing properties of nanostructured CuO, Cu2O and their hybrid structures with organics in a Cost Action Project.
In November 2016, my PhD was started in Sensor Laboratory, Brescia University under supervision of Prof. Elisabetta Comini. His PhD study is going to focus on direct synthesis of MOX nanostructures with magnetron sputtering for gas sensor applications.     
•    O. Sisman, N. Kilinc, Z.Z. Ozturk. Structural, electrical and H2 sensing properties of copper oxide nanowires on glass substrate by anodization. Sensors & Actuators B 236, 2016, 1118-1125.
•    O. Sisman, N. Kilinc, Z.Z. Ozturk. H2 Sensing Properties of Cu2O Nanowires on Glass Substrate. Procedia Engineering 120, 2015, 1170-1174.