Marco Rizzoni
Marco Rizzoni was born in 1990 in Brescia. He received his B.Sc in Physics at the University of Padua with a thesis entitled "Statistic Physic of atomic fermionic and bosonic confined gasses".
He received his M.Sc in Theoretical Physics at the University of Padua with the thesis "Excitation of Alfvén waves in magnetized plasmas: the Reversed Field Pinch case”. The aim of the thesis was to study the spontaneous excitation of Alfvén waves in the magnetic configuration Reversed Field Pinch (RFP), and in particular in the case of the sperimental device RFX-mod operating in the Consorzio RFX at Padua.
Since November 2016 he is a PhD student in Information Engineering (curriculum of Physical Sciences for Engineering) at the Sensor Laboratory. His current activity focuses on the study of the immunologic compatibility of hybrid nanotubes-substrate materials for possible future uses of such materials as human prosthesis.