Dr. Matteo Falasconi

Matteo Falasconi got his degree in Physics (with honours) from University of Pavia in 2000 with a thesis on non-linear optical properties of porous silicon. In 2005, he obtained a PhD in Material Engineering from the University of Brescia.He is involved in the functional characterization of thin-film metal oxide gas sensors and in the development of sensing devices for food quality control, security, and medical applications through the cooperation with private companies and research institutes. His research interests are currently focused on statistical learning methods for artificial and biological
olfaction.Abroad experiences and collaborations:

• Dept. of Analytical Chemistry, University of Manchester (Sept. 2008). Data processing of for an
hybrid e-nose (MOS, polymer sensors) coupled with SPME sampling for wound state infections
monitoring (EU project “Woundmonitor” IST-2004-27859).
• Dept. of Physics, University of Barcelona (June-Sept. 2007). Cluster Analysis of the rat
olfactory bulb activity in response to diverse odorants. Granted by EU Network of Excellence
GOSPEL “General Olfaction and Sensing Projects on a European Level” (FP6-IST-2002-
507610) and by CNR “short term mobility” program 2007.
• Dept. of Material Science, State Univ. of New York – Stony Brook (May-June 2005) Electrospinning
processing and characterization of metal oxide materials for gas sensing applications.