Dr. Isabella Concina

Isabella Concina (IC) is Assistant Professor at the University of Brescia, Department of Information Engineering.
IC graduated in Chemistry (with full marks) in 2002 and earned her PhD in Chemical Sciences at the University of Padova in 2006, defending a Thesis on microwave-sustained synthesis and catalytic applications of metal nanoparticles embedded in polyamides.
She worked at the A.R.P.A.V. (Regional Agency for Environmental Prevention and Protection in Veneto), on the optimization of analytical techniques for detection of micro pollutants in superficial waters and on detection techniques for in foods.
In 2007, IC specialized in sample pre-treatment technques for extracting/concentrating volatiles prior the chromatographic analysis at INRA (Institut Nationale de la Recherche Agronomique), Dijon, France. She partially focused her post doc activity (2006-2009) on the design and development of Artificial Olfactory Systems (AOS) based on arrays of chemical gas sensors. She has in particular been working on the set up of analytical protocols of SOAs devoted to selected problems in the food analysis.
In 2009 IC diversified her research activity, focusing on design and fabrication advanced nanostructured materials for application in excitonic solar cells (XSCs).
She is in particular working on engineering the nanostructured photoelectrodes and the light harvester layer to boost device performances.

IC has co-authored more than 80 contributions at national/international conferences, among which 30 invited talks and 1 keynote.

She is Marie Curie fellow under the VINMER Marie Curie Incoming, Mobility for Growth programme (Sweden), working as the project leader on the proposal “Light Energy - LiEn”, devoted to the design and fabrication of hybrid carbon/metal/semiconductor electrodes for solar energy converting devices.


Light Energy (LiEn), VINMER Marie Incoming, Mobility for Growth Programme (project leader)

WIROX “Oxide nanomaterials for Wireless Chemical Sensing”; IRSES 295216; Marie Curie Actions (7th Framework Programme)

Project TIMES: “Tecnologie e Materiali per l’utilizzo efficiente dell’energia solare”, National Research Council, CNR (Funded by Regione Lombardia)
Bilateral CNR Project Italy-Taiwan “Increasing light harvesting efficiency in excitonic solar cells by resonant energy transfer” (2013-2015)

“Fabrication of innovative metal oxide nanowire-based dye- and quantum dot-sensitized solar cells” (Call for young researchers promoted by the Italian National Research Council – CNR) Role: Principal Investigator

Progetto FIRB “Rete Nazionale di Ricerca sulle Nanoscienze ItalNanoNet”, Protocollo: RBPR05JH2P, 2009-2013, MIUR

CARIPLO “Fabrication Of Innovative Metal-Oxide Nanowire-Based Dye Sensitized And Hybrid Solar Cells” Area Ricerca Scientifica E Trasferimento Tecnologico, Bando 2008 “Ricerca Scientifica E Tecnologica Sui Materiali Avanzati

Progetto TIME (Trasferimento e Innovazione tecnologica per il MEzzogiorno), finanziamento del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico

Currently, IC belongs to the following Commissions of Trust:
1. Reviewer, European Research Council, Advanced Research Grant (call 2014)
2. Review board of Chilean National Science and Technology Commission (CONICYT – Chile)
4. Member of the Editorial Board of Heliyon (new open access Elsevier’s journal, submissions open in April 2015, http://www.heliyon.com/editorial-team/board/).


IC is serving as a peer reviewer for more than 30 international peer-reviewed journals, belonging to well-established Publishers, such as: Elsevier, Nature Group Publishing, American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry, Springer.


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