Dr. Federica Rigoni

Federica Rigoni was born on January 16th, 1984 in Chiari (BS).

She studied Physics at Università Cattolica of Brescia resulting in Bachelor’s degree in 2008 (bachelor thesis title: “Deposizione e proprietà fisiche di strati sottili di eumelanina sintetica.”) and Master’s degree in 2011 (master thesis title: “Interazione di nanotubi di carbonio con molecole di ammoniaca. Dalla fisica delle superfici ai dispositivi”). From June to September 2010 she worked as collaborator in the project “RESENT” on nanostructured gas sensors at Università Cattolica.

In February 2015 she obtained the PhD degree at “Doctorate School in Physics, Astrophysics and Applied Physics” of Università degli Studi di Milano (PhD thesis title: “Exploring detection limits and response time scales of chemiresistor gas sensors based on carbon nanotube and hybrid layers.”).

Since December 2014 she is Research Fellow at Università degli Studi di Brescia (SENSOR Laboratory and CNR-INO). Her current research activity focuses on nanostructured materials for optical sensors and gas sensors.