Cristina Cerqui

Cristina Cerqui was born in 1986 in Brescia.
She graduated in Chemistry at University of Milan in 2008 with a thesis entitled “Voltammetric study of structure / reactivity in chiral triarylphosphines for applications in industrial catalysis”.
She obtained her master degree in Chemical Science at University of Milan in 2010 with a thesis entitled “Organic semiconductors with aromatic or heteroaromatic core functionalized with linear and branched thiophene systems for optoelectronic and photovoltaic applications: molecular structure, redox properties and electropolymerization.”
In 2010 she has done a scholarship for a year at the University of Milan supported by Cariplo Foundation entitled “Analysis of water for the detection of organic and inorganic pollutants by means of polarographic and voltammetric techniques” .
In 2011 she has passed the qualifying examination for chemist profession at the University of Insubria.
Since January 2013 she is a PhD student in Sensor Laboratory, Department of Information Engineering at the University of Brescia.