Abderrahim Moumen

Abderrahim Moumen was born in 1991 in Casablanca- Morocco. He is a PhD student at SENSOR Laboratory, Department of Information Engineering, Brescia University.

He graduated in physics – fundamental & applied physics curriculum in 2013 at University of Hassan II Casablanca, with a thesis entitled “the applications of electroactive polymers”.

In 2015 he obtained the master in physics and chemistry of materials and nanomaterials at the University of Casablanca- Department of physics. His master thesis entitled “preparation and characterization of CuO thin films for gas sensing applications” made at faculty of sciences and technology - Mohamedia, it was there where continuing his research after the master period.

In November 2017, his PhD was started in Sensor Laboratory, Brescia University supervised by Prof. Elisabetta Comini. His PhD research activities are mainly focused on the preparation and characterization of Metal Oxides (MOXs) nanostructures for chemical sensors applications. The global aim of his research is elaborating or structuring materials at the nanoscale which will open new possible applications such as chemical sensors and gas sensors in particular.